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Class 125

Class 125 PVC fittings appear to be exactly the same as standard schedule 40 fittings, but there is at least one difference. While schedule 40 PVC fittings are tested and must meet certain standards before leaving the manufacturer, class 125 fittings do not undergo any testing. However, class 125 fittings are more cost effective.
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Made of the same material as schedule 40 PVC, class 125 fittings are still strong and long lasting. If your job doesn’t necessitate you to pass inspections, you can consider using class 125 fittings. Although not guaranteed, you are likely to get the same performance from a class 125 cap as you would with a schedule 40 PVC cap.

If you want to provide access to the pipe system as needed or to leave an end of a pipe open for later expansion, you can use a cap to cover the end of a pipe. You can also use a cap if you have an opening at the end of a pipe that doesn’t need to be connected to anything else, but you need to close it off.

We carry 10” and 12” schedule 40 PVC Class 125 caps. These caps have a 125 PSI rating.

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