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There are times when a pipe system requires that two pipes of different diameters be joined. There are a few different schedule 40 PVC fittings that accomplish this task. One of these is the reducing bushing. They can also be used to purposefully reduce the size of your pipe.
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The primary benefit of schedule 40 PVC bushings over couplings is that they usually have threaded ends. This makes them more useful in applications where a pipe may have to be removed at a later time, since no adhesive is needed for a seal.

Features of schedule 40 PVC reducing bushings include the following:

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Available with different ends: spigot, male threaded, female threaded, and slip
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals from water and dirt
  • Reasonably priced

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