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When building a pipe system that needs a slight turn, schedule 40 PVC standard 45 elbows are often the perfect fitting for the job. These elbows will connect two pieces of PVC pipe at a 45-degree angle. When applied correctly, they will create a permanent seal that will not leak.
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The schedule 40 PVC construction is durable and reliable. These fittings can be utilized in plumbing systems that are above ground, underground, and even under water. Whatever the case, they are resistant to rusting and other types of corrosion. 

Features of schedule 40 PVC standard 45 elbows:

  • They're available in many different sizes
  • They will not rust
  • They can handle temperatures up to 140⁰ F
  • Useful in many different plumbing and PVC construction applications
  • Affordable

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