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PVC 5-Way Fittings

Five-way fittings, also called side outlet crosses, feature five ports – two on the x-axis, two on the y-axis, and one on the z-axis. At first glance, these fittings may look like schedule 40 fittings, but they are actually furniture grade fittings. Our five-way fittings are compatible with all standard PVC pipe.
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Furniture grade PVC is not suitable for plumbing, but is great for creating structures, like a tent or a chair, and can also be use to create items such as sprinklers and flower vases. Unlike standard PVC, furniture grade PVC is visually appealing since it is free of markings, such as barcodes and sizing labels. Furthermore, the furniture grade PVC is made more visually appealing with its high-gloss finish.

Our five-way fittings are available in ½”, ¾”, 1”, and 1 ¼”. Browse the entire collection of 5-way fittings today.

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