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PVC 4-Way Fittings

Four-way fittings, also known as side outlet tees, are furniture grade fittings with four ports – one on the x-axis, one on the z-axis, and two on the y-axis. Our four-way fittings are compatible with all standard PVC pipe. 

Although these fittings appear to be the same as schedule 40 fittings, furniture grade PVC is not approved for plumbing. However, it is perfect for structural use, such as building a soccer goal or a table. It can also be used for other projects, like creating decorative pieces or storage organizers. 
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Furniture grade fittings do not have any markings on the plastic, such as barcodes, and have a high-gloss finish, making them more visually appealing than standard PVC fittings. We offer side outlet tees in ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, and 1 ½”.

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