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PVC Duct Blastgates

Modern Industrial is your online source for high-quality, PVC duct blastgates. These parts are utilized to focus suction in a particular area so that the duct system collects dust and debris more efficiently. Additionally, PVC duct blastgates have the capacity to be opened and closed to change how the duct system vents or to redirect any fumes going through the pipeline. 
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We carry PVC duct blastgates in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of various projects. You should also consider some of the benefits of investing in PVC products over their metal counterparts. These PVC products are corrosion resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 200⁰ F. 

The PVC duct blastgates we offer are a durable, smart, and cost-effective choice for your fume, exhaust, and drain projects.