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DWV Reducers

DWV reducers are a cost-effective solution for joining pipes when two different sizes are required. These couplings can be utilized in both residential and commercial projects. DWV stands for drain, waste, and vent, and these applications are exactly what this piece is made to handle. 
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The DWV reducers available from Modern Industrial are constructed with high-quality PVC material. Additionally, they are NSF International Standard 14 Certified, and they meet ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784 standards. To put it simply, we only carry the best products.

Since they are composed of PVC, our DWV reducers will not rust, scale, or pit. They are able to work properly in temperatures as high as 140⁰ F, and their durability makes them corrosion resistant from both fumes and toxic chemicals.

Check out our complete selection of DWV reducers to find the right fitting for your project.