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Cast Iron Soil Pipe Adapters

Since many commercial construction projects now incorporate various materials within their pipeline systems, Modern Industrial offers cast iron soil pipe DWV adapters to connect PVC pipe to cast iron pipe. Available in a variety of sizes, these adapters are available to accommodate pipes of various dimensions. 
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Cast iron soil pipe DWV adapters are intended for non-pressurized drain, waste, and vent applications. Made with durable PVC material, these adapters are able to function properly in temperatures up to 140⁰ F.

All of the cast iron soil pipe DWV adapters available from Modern Industrial meet ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784 Standards and are NSF International Standard 14 Certified.

They are a cost-effective and quality solution for your projects, so check out our full selection of cast iron soil pipe adapters.

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