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Rain Caps


CPVC duct rain caps play an essential role in fume handling systems. Installed at the end of duct lines, these duct caps are used in a range of fume collection, transfer, and reclamation applications. As their name implies, these rain caps are designed to allow the flow of air through the cap while preventing rain, snow, and other elements from entering the system.
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Thanks to their durable CPVC construction, these rain caps won’t corrode, rust, or pit. They can handle temperatures up to 200⁰ F, so they are perfect for high-temperature applications.

CPVC rain caps come in two styles:

  • Style A (belled end, A-shaped cap on top)
  • Style B (belled end)

We offer a full collection of Style A and Style B duct caps to block out rain and snow in your fume handling system. Browse our fittings today.