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Clear Adapters

Clear adapters are used to connect two pieces of clear pipe that have different ends (male and female). Our clear PVC adapters come in every configuration, and they are built from high quality clear schedule 40 PVC pipe that meets the highest industry standards.  Thanks to their clear design, they are perfect for use in pipelines where visibility into the system is needed.
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Schedule 40 clear PVC adapters are able to accommodate fluids with temperatures ranging up to 140⁰ F, making them suitable for a number of applications, including in industrial and residential settings. Like other PVC products, clear adapters are corrosion resistant and will withstand constant exposure to acids, salts, bases, and other corrosive agents.

Key features include:

  • Won’t rust or pit
  • Used to connect pipes with different ends
  • Clear visibility into the pipeline
  • Durable construction

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