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As the name suggests, sideloaders load and unload from the side of the machine, as opposed to the front. So, it looks like a standard sit-down rider, but with forks located on the side. The reason for the forks being placed on the side is to better handle wide or long loads, such as lumber, piping, or sheets. These loads would make a counterbalanced forklift unstable. While sideloaders excel in these situations, they are also limited to these types of loads, so they are not flexible in terms of handling different types of loads. Sideloaders are able to move alongside the racks, so they do not need to turn like standard forklifts. This is ideal when carrying longer loads, such as lumber. 

If you need a specialty forklift, such as a sideloader, it can be difficult to locate a distributor in your area, much less get multiple quotes. That’s where we can help. We already have a vast list of distributors, so we can match you with up to three local distributors, allowing you to compare quotes side by side. All you have to do is fill out our simple and quick form on this page.