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Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks come in different varieties, with main differences being how the pallet jack is operated. Regardless, pallet jacks serve the main purposes of easily moving pallets around the warehouse or business or stacking pallets on top of each other. Although typically found in warehouses or manufacturing plants, pallet jacks can be found in a wide range of operating environments.

Let us help you find the perfect pallet jack for your needs. Fill out our short and easy form, and we will connect you with up to three local distributors, saving you time and money. The top companies compete to give you the best deal, and you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Let's get started by breaking down the different varieties of pallet jacks.


Hydraulic pallet jacks are the simplest versions, and are also called hand pallet trucks. They have a handle that is pumped by the operator to elevate the load, which is pulled or pushed into the desired location. These pallet jacks are the best value for light duty material handling and make moving heavy loads easier. They could be used to move items such as stationary, work wear, or small inventory boxes.


Walkie/Pedestrian-Operated electric pallet jacks are basically identical to hydraulic pallet jacks, except they are battery-powered and use a motor to raise and lower the loads. As the name suggests, the operator walks behind the pallet jack. They could be used in small retail business, such as grocey stores, or large retail chains.

End Rider

End rider pallet jacks differ in that a person can stand on a platform behind the pallet jack and ride on it, as opposed to pushing or pulling the load or walking behind it. This is beneficial for large warehouses or plants or for heavier loads. It is also battery-powered.

Rider/Center Rider

Rider pallet jacks and center rider pallet jacks allow the operator to sit in a seat while maneuvering the load. Like end riders, they are ideal for large warehouses with a lot of ground to cover or for heavier loads that would be difficult to push manually. These pallet jacks are battery-operated.