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The 2015 Aspiring Tradesperson Scholarship Recipient

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for our Aspiring Tradesperson scholarship. We are pleased to announce Marley Hebard of Tulsa Technology Center as the winner of this year’s scholarship. Marley is pursuing a degree in the HVAC field.Marley is specifically interested in geothermal technology, a field he thinks will be important for the future of the [...]

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How to Build a DIY Sensory Table with PVC (aka Water Table or Sand Table)

Need a fun new project that won't take long and your kids will love? Check out below to learn how to build a sensory table out of PVC pipe and fittings. A sensory table is also called a water table or sand table, as it can serve any of these purposes. Total Cost = $33, Total Time [...]

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What Is a Class 125 Fitting and When Should It Be Used?

If you’re thinking class 125 fittings look a lot like schedule 40 PVC, and you can’t seem to find a visual difference, there is a reason. Class 125 fittings and schedule 40 PVC fittings are manufactured in the same way and come off the same assembly line. So why are schedule 40 PVC fittings more costly and what’s the [...]

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​PVC vs CPVC: Which Is Right for Your Project?

What is PVC?PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe and fittings are commonly used for plumbing, as well as venting and drainage applications. PVC is available in schedule 40 and schedule 80, with the difference being that schedule 80 is thicker and can handle higher pressures. Both schedules are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Although PVC’s strength, durability, and low cost have made [...]

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FAQ: What's the Difference Between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC?

PVC pipe is available in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 varieties. Other than the color and the cost, there is a big difference. You just have to look a little closer to see. We will outline the key differences, and hopefully help you identify which option is the best for your project. The wall thickness of a PVC pipe [...]

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FAQ: What Are Fabricated Fittings?

When engineering PVC fittings, the manufacturer can either use an injection molding or create a fabricated fitting. Generally speaking, injection molds are used to construct fittings up to 12” in diameter. Any fittings over 12” in diameter are usually fabricated from sections of pipe or other parts. The larger fittings are fabricated because their size exceeds injection molding equipment capacities. Less [...]

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