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Bellman Carts Now For Sale

We will soon be featuring a line of bellman carts for sale online here at Modern Industrial.  If you are looking for either economy or luxury bellman carts for your hotel, we'll have a selection that will fit your needs!


Plumbing Supplies: PVC Pipe, Fittings, Valves

Welcome to Modern Industrial! This is our home page. Please browse our site to see our impressive selection of industrial products and supplies. Our focus is on plumbing supplies such as PVC pipe, valves, and fittings. Modern Industrial can get you the products you need quickly and at some of the best prices on the web! And all of the products, supplies, and accessories that we carry are of the highest quality.

High-quality industrial products and supplies with the modern benefits of ease-of-ordering and super-fast shipping - that's our goal.

PVC Pipe
PVC Fittings

PVC Pipe: Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Clear PVC and CPVC

Modern Industrial carries all types of common PVC pipe and can ship the pipe straight to your facility or job site. Whether you are looking for standard schedule 40 PVC pipe for a residential job, or the thicker and more sturdy schedule 80 pipe for a commercial or industrial job, we've got it in stock. All pipe is sold in 5 foot lengths. Need a little? Go ahead and order online through this website. Need a bunch? Contact us for a custom quote so we can figure out the best bulk pricing and delivery options for you.

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PVC Fittings: Elbows, Tees, Wyes...

And anything else you can think of! PVC fittings is our broadest product category, and we literally have thousands of fittings to meet your needs. Whether it's common fittings like wyes, tees, flanges, and elbows, or couplings and bushings, or the harder-to-find 4-way and 5-way fittings or large caps, we've got the parts you need and can ship them to you right away!

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Valves: PVC and Metal - Ball, Check, Gate, Socket, Butterfly & More

We stock the highest quality valves and lots of them!  From the more common ball valves and true union valves, to check valves, ball-check, gate, socket and even butterfly valves, you can find them here at We also offer both metal and PVC valves to help meet your needs based on the job you are working on.

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We carry the top brands in the industry:

Lasco, Georg Fischer, Smith Cooper, Spears, Cepex, Charlotte Pipe

Questions about Pipe, Fittings or Valves? Talk to Us!

While we work hard to make our website easy to use and provide as much product information as possible, we know that sometimes you might just need to talk with someone. No problem. We love hearing from customers, and we're happy to answer any questions you might have about our products, shipping terms, etc. Click here for our phone number and email address.

Also, be sure to check out our blog for helpful tips and information about working with PVC pipe, fittings, and valves.


NEW: Forklift Quotes

Need to get a quote on new or used forklifts or other material handling equipment? What about order pickers, pallet jacks or sit-down riders?  If so, check out the below pages to request an estimate or price quote on new or used equipment.

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